• 3 simple ways to LOSE WEIGHT over the holiday season

    Author: Lewis L Lanier

    It's that time again and every single year the same thing happens! Right? We go into the holiday season withJeff Hopeck the "I can splurge" mentality because it's that time of the year again. Does this sound familiar? Well- I guess you are right with the splurging mentality as long as you are satisfied with your current weight. Remember, if you want different results in your life, you have to start doing DIFFERENT things in your life- thinking differently, acting differently, cooking differently, exercising differently, etc:

    Here are 3 great, simple-to-follow strategies you can implement this holiday season that will help you fit into your pants better:

    1. Stop after you eat 50% - since you are going to have the splurge foods, just be sure to eat half! Curology It's a really simple theory to follow and adds up to HUGE caloric savings, read curology. Recently, I helped a client save 20,000 calories in a month!! Just by eating half of his meals: that added up to 7lbs melting from his body.

    2. 2 out of 3 aint' bad - this is one of my favorites to teach people, because I implement it every single day into my own life. If you are going to a high calorie dinner tonight, MAKE SURE you eat 2 or 3 super healthy meals before the big splurge. Salad for lunch, fruit for breakfast and small healthy snacking in between. My favorite is to double up on the workouts for that day! If I am going to a high caloric dinner, here is what I do:

    Wake up and workout. 20min of cardio is all I focus on.

    Small breakfast - oatmeal and fruit, nuts and berries and decaf hot green tea

    Lunch - healthy salad, oil/vinegar, low sodium turkey, cucumber, tomato, beets

    Afternoon cardio - I squeeze it in regardless of my schedule. If I don't get it in, I'm not going to dinner!! Anyone that knows me will verify that.

    3. Slow and steady wins the race - Eat very slowly, and take very very small bites. This will help you significantly in your battle to keep weight off. Take really small bites very far and few in between. You can literally save hundreds of calories per meal if you employ this tactic. It's tough in the beginning, but you can work your way up and enjoy many great benefits along the way!

    Be sure to post your comments below and let me know if you have any other great healthy habits tips that you like to implement in your life, or over the holiday season.

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